Entwine Manual Stimulation Position

Couple Spooning In Bed

Manual stimulation from fingers is the best way for many women to achieve their most powerful and satisfying orgasms. The focused clitoral stimulation and reduced distractions create a perfect storm for pure ecstasy.

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The Entwine manual stimulation position allows the husband to be close to his wife and in the perfect position to effortlessly have access to her vulva and breasts. One hand is in the perfect position to stimulate her clitoris while his other hand is in theĀ position to caress her breasts.

To get into the Entwine position the husband spoons his wife like the couple pictured above. Her hips need to be slightly turned towards him so that he has better access to her vulva. His upper arm is drapedĀ over her stomach and his hand rests over her vulva. This puts his hand in the most comfortable position to stimulate her clitoris. If his hand needs a little more wiggle-room she should place a small pillow between her legs. His lower arm goes under her neck so his hand can caress her breasts.

The closeness of this position helps you feel more connected during manual stimulation. It also allows the wife to guide her husband and show him what feels best. She can show him herself or guide his fingers.

Don’t think the Entwine position is just for women. It’s also great for giving handjobs too. Both spouses get the closeness effect and the angle of her hand keeps it from getting fatigued too fast.

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