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Lucky you! You’ve found us at the beginning stages of creating a unique and awesome Christian-friendly resource for adding intimacy to your marriage bed.

Our motto is “Helping Christians make their marriage beds squeak loud and proud” because we help Christians have a more fulfilling intimate marriage bed without shame for having so much fun and being so free.

YOU were created for sex! God made you this way, and everything He created is very good, including thoroughly enjoying sex with your spouse. For example, did you know that a woman’s clitoris, which only has the surface area of a pea, has double the nerve endings as a man’s entire penis? Did you know the ONLY function of a woman’s clitoris is to give her pleasure? Why would He have created women this way? To enjoy sex with their husbands!

We teach you the stuff your parents never taught you about sex.

For most of us, when we’re young or single sex was downplayed, and few details about it were shared with us. Details about sex might not have been shared because they didn’t want us to be tempted or they were too embarrassed and afraid to speak openly about sex. The problem with this is, once we marry that special someone we have a hard time embracing and enjoying all the wonderful things sex has to offer because of the stigma placed on it. We were only taught the basics of sex. You know, he puts his thing in her thing, they do the hokey pokey, and possibly nine months later a baby pops out.

We believe that learning about new and exciting techniques for your marriage bed should not be taboo. We also don’t agree with the common belief that married people have boring and infrequent sex. Sex can be so wonderful that for a few moments it can seem as if the only two people in this world are you and your spouse. Every sense is heightened. You both lose control. You feel truly and fully alive! That’s what He wants you to experience. We can help you better serve each other and bring intimacy to new heights in your marriage bed.

MarriageBed.tips is a very unique website. We discuss topics like anatomy, foreplay, oral sex techniques (cunnilingus, fellatio, hand jobs, manual stimulation, and so on…), erotic massage. The best part about all of this is we discuss these topics in a Christian-friendly and marriage-centered way; all without vulgar language or images.

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Where To Start?


When you don’t know, you don’t know. The purpose of MarriageBed.tips is to show you how to be a better lover by teaching various techniques to enjoy in your marriage bed.

This website will be organized by many series of posts about various subjects. As each series is published, they will be listed here.


We Want to Hear From You!

We didn’t make up all the information published on MarriageBed.tips. We learned it from several different resources. Our most valuable resource is fellow Christians like you. We invite you to share your marriage bed tips in the comment sections of our posts so that other Christians can learn from them and make their marriage beds squeak loud and proud too.


    1. Thanks, M&S. We’re just getting started.


  1. I have struggled finding a Chistian site that actually talks about physical SEX and ideas for arousal (and not just everything psychological around it). Your site is a God-send. Thank-you so much. I am a wife and look forward to learning more about pleasure with my DH.


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