About Marriage Bed Tips

Marriage Bed Tips is an in-depth resource for lovemaking techniques covering topics such as manual stimulation, cunnilingus, fellatio, handjobs, and intercourse. The best thing about Marriage Bed Tips is all of our techniques are Christian-friendly and marriage-centered. None of our techniques contain nudity or vulgar language.

Why We Created Marriage Bed Tips

When my wife and I were first married, amazing, fulfilling sex didn’t happen automatically. I mean, I was having a great time, and I thought she was enjoying sex as much as I was too. At that time I didn’t realize that a “hey ya’ wanna do it” look that led straight to intercourse, entirely bypassing foreplay of any kind, wasn’t cutting it for her.

The only things I was taught in sex-ed were number one, don’t “do it,” and number two, if you do “do it” this is how you put on a condom. That’s it. Sure, there was some basic anatomy mixed in there, but there wasn’t a single mention about foreplay, or how complex a woman’s libido is, or what a clitoris was. I was married for over a year before I figured out what a clitoris was. My poor wife.

We believe sex is an integral part of marriage, and God created sex in marriage for both spouses to enjoy together in a very intimate act. So, we created Marriage Bed Tips to teach couples how to make the best love they can make in a marriage-centered, Christian-friendly format.

I hope that our tips and techniques help you make the best love you can make.