Come-Hither Clasp Manual Stimulation Technique

Come-Hither Clasp Manual Stimulation Technique
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Come-Hither Clasp Manual Stimulation Technique

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the g-spot. You might have spent time looking for it, and wondered if you’ve found it. The g-spot is actually much more than a little spot. Think of her g-spot as a cluster of “roots” embedded in her “soil” of erectile tissue in the roof of her vagina near its opening. The “roots” are part of the internal mass of her clitoris. The Come-Hither Clasp manual stimulation technique is a great way to stimulate her g-spot.

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Using the Come-Hither Clasp Manual Stimulation Technique

Before you go any further, there is one VERY important prerequisite to this technique. She needs to be very aroused before you attempt to stimulate her g-spot. If she’s not very aroused you won’t be able to stimulate her g-spot. The spongy erectile tissue in the g-spot area needs to be engorged with blood before her clitoral “roots” can be stimulated. Most people who have tried finding the g-spot and failed probably didn’t take the time and effort for proper arousal. We have plenty of cunnilingus techniques that will help you get her ready for awesome g-spot stimulation.

  1. Start by inserting your straight index finger with your palm up into her vagina about 3 inches. You shouldn’t need lube because she should be very aroused already.
  2. Gently graze her vaginal ceiling with the tip of your index fingertip in a “come-hither” gesture. As you do so, you will feel a slightly different texture of engorged spongy material.
  3. After several “come-hither” gestures, increase the pressure being applied to her g-spot.

You can also use the Come-Hither Clasp manual stimulation technique while she’s laying flat on her belly. Instead of your palm facing up, it should be facing down into the bed when she’s laying on her belly.

Note: This post is part of our Giving Your Wife Great Cunnilingus series.

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