External Prostate Massage Technique

External Prostate Massage Technique
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It’s fairly well known that massaging your husband’s prostate during oral sex or intercourse can intensify his orgasm. Sexual researchers have compared his prostate to a woman’s g-spot. Most people also assume the only way to massage his prostate is through his anus and rectum. Massaging his prostate through his anus is the most direct form of stimulation, but we’re not going that route. There’s another, much safer and cleaner way to massage your husband’s prostate and escalate his orgasm!

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Your Husband’s Anatomy

You need to have a good understanding of the anatomy of your husband’s prostate to stimulate it externally. Here’s a rundown of what you need to know.

Male Anatomy Prostate

Your husband’s penis travels down past his testicles and anchors near the opening of his anus deep inside his pelvis. When he’s aroused his entire penis, including the part of the shaft inside his body fills with blood and becomes firm. His prostate is located above where his penis anchors in his pelvis. If you follow the stiff artery that runs along the underside of his penis with your finger, you’ll follow it between his testicles and reach his perineum. The perineum is the sensitive area between his anus and testicles. A few inches from the perineum inside his pelvis is where his prostate gland resides.

Stimulating His Prostate Externally

Now you know where his prostate is located, and I’m sure you’ve figured out that his perineum is the sweet spot we’ll be giving lots of attention to. Let’s dive into stimulating his prostate.

Types Of Strokes

There are a few types of strokes you can apply to his perineum that stimulate his prostate. Start with soft, gentle strokes from the base of his testicles down to the edge of his anus and back. You might find it helpful to dab a little personal lubricant in this area to allow your fingers to slide easily. He might squirm a little, but he’s enjoying it. When he gets close to climax add pressure to your strokes so that his prostate is stimulated as he reaches the point of no return. Add more pressure as he’s climaxing to intensify his orgasm.

If you’re going for maximum prostate stimulation stroke and add pressure to his perineum with a strong vibrator instead of your finger. The intense vibrations will resonate deep within his pelvis and stimulate his prostate.

When To Stimulate His Prostate

Handjob or Fellatio

Stroke his perineum and massage his prostate while giving him a handjob or fellatio. It works best when he’s laying on his back with his knees bent and feet resting on the bed with his pelvis tilted forward a little to allow easier access to his perineum. Place a wedge or pillow under his butt to lift it and give you easier access to his perineum.

During Intercourse

Stroke and massage his perineum during intercourse and apply more pressure as he’s about to ejaculate. The best sex position to be in is the missionary position. Reach around your thigh and butt to reach his perineum. Another sex position to try is doggy style. In the doggy style sex position reach between your legs and stroke his perineum.

Try these techniques in your marriage bed and if he enjoys them, add them to your repertoire of fun things to do.

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  1. Excellent explanation and encouragement for prostate stimulation and health.

    Our 45+ years of marriage have been blessed with deep love, good health, and a Christ-centered, joyful and fun marriage bed. My wife provides regular external prostate massage 2-3 times per week. Due to BPH, my urologist (a highly regarded Christian physician in our area) intervened with a TUMP procedure a few years ago. Eighteen months ago, the prostate had begun to enlarge again and I’d experienced some stress incontinence. He counseled me to eliminate caffeine, urinate more frequently, drink less water, and be certain to have an orgasm about 3 times a week. At my age, my libido doesn’t dictate 3 times a week sex! Dutifully, I shared my ‘prescription’ with my beautiful wife. She quickly developed the very technique you described above, and the results are remarkable. At my last check-up, a few weeks ago, my urologist announced that my prostate was a healthy size and I reported that my stress incontinence had all but disappeared.

    I’ll underscore one part of my wife’s technique that makes a big difference. She (and I) take our time. I masturbate next to her as she snuggles up to me, and then she takes over for me and very methodically works the external massage technique. She also presses down hard as I begin to reach the PONR and keeps the pressure on the base of my penis in the perineum area in order to maximize fluid build-up before release. The fluid build-up helps to stress/exercise the pelvic floor muscle, thus strengthening it over time.

    In summary, external prostate massage provides for a double benefit – increased pleasure and better prostate health.


    1. Thanks for the tip, Old Lover.


  2. Thank you for the helpful and thorough explanation. This is great. I just found your site and looking forward to reading more.


  3. This is an absolutely amazing technique and wonderful to share with your lover. After my husband conquered the location of all my sweet spots i felt duty bound to try this. He loves it. Did I mention he loves it! I tried this exact technique til I nailed it. What an excellent backup for those nights I do not feel up for intercourse. Thank you for sharing.


  4. Prostate massage during fellatio must be my favorite way to do it with my lover=wife. Gives her idle free hand some pleasurable work to do and makes for explosive orgasms.


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