Jiggle & Jam Manual Stimulation Technique

The Jiggle & Jam Manual Stimulation Technique uses your husband’s penis for clitoral stimulation during foreplay or when things need to cool down a bit during intercourse.

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This is our first reader-submitted technique from an anonymous husband. Do you have a technique that you and your spouse enjoy that you’d like to share with us? Submit your technique today!

Getting into Position for the Jiggle & Jam Technique

  1. The wife sits on a soft chair or couch with her butt at the edge.
  2. She pulls her legs up with her knees near her chest and holds them there with her hands under her knees.
  3. The husband kneels before her and adjust the height of his pelvis so that his penis is at the same level as her vulva. He can raise his pelvis with pillows under his knees if needed.
Jiggle & Jam Sex Position Illustration
Jiggle & Jam Sex Position Illustration


Once the husband’s penis is erect, he or his wife takes his penis and jiggles the head of it over her clitoris.

This is a great technique for clitoral stimulation right before intercourse to help get her warmed up and ready for sex. It’s also great for when things get a little too exciting for the husband and he needs a little time to cool down but keep his wife moving towards an orgasm.

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