Long Slow Stroke Clitoral & Vaginal Stimulation Technique

Performing the Long Slow Stroke Clitoral & Vaginal Stimulation Technique

The Long Slow Stroke Clitoral & Vaginal Stimulation Technique is perfect for beginning manual stimulation and gives you a chance to figure out where she’s “feeling it” tonight.

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Both of you get into a comfortable position. We highly recommend the Entwine position. It’s a comfortable position that’s intimate and lets you feel connected while giving and receiving manual stimulation.

Start by lightly running one or two of your fingers from the bottom of her vagina up over her clitoris and back down as illustrated below. Switch up your strokes every once in a while by changing the pressure and starting at her clitoris instead of the bottom of her vagina. You can also switch between slow and fast strokes.

Long Slow Stroke Clitoral & Vaginal Stimulation Technique

Communication is key. Ladies, the purpose of this manual stimulation technique is to get you warmed up and to figure out where you’re “feeling it” tonight. Many women tell us they are sensitive in different areas at different times of their cycles. Communicate with your husband while he strokes you. Tell him exactly where it feels good. Guide him on how much pressure to apply or how fast to stroke you. Once both of you figure out where you’re “feeling it” he can concentrate on that area later during cunnilingus or other manual stimulation techniques.

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  1. Thankyou. ..finally someone’s talking about her pleasure. It’s all about the pressure and stroke on the clitoris, whilst being penetrated, face to face, the orgasm is divine ☺ The married couple must feel where they each are feeling it together whist in frontal face to face postion. Husband using the top of the base of the penis to slide over her clitoris, with his penis remaining inside his wife (Very Important) & with constant contact with her clitoris. THANKYOU FROM ALL THE WIVES.


    1. You’re welcome, Margaret. Thanks for the tip!


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