Paintbrush Manual Stimulation Technique

Paintbrush Manual Stimulation Technique
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The Paintbrush Manual Stimulation Technique uses the head of the man’s penis to stimulate the woman’s clitoris during foreplay. This is a great technique where both spouses get to enjoy stimulation during foreplay.

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Getting Into Position

  1. The wife lays on her back with a pillow under her head.
  2. She brings her knees back near her chest and spreads her legs wide and supports them with her hands behind her knees.
  3. The husband kneels in front of his wife with his legs open and knees on each side of her.

How It’s Done

Add a few drops of your favorite lube to your wife’s vulva and the head of your penis. Use the head and soft underside of your penis to make paint strokes over your wife’s vulva. Start with soft, up-and-down strokes over her entire vulva, and then start making swirly strokes on different areas of her vulva as she gets more aroused. Experiment with different strokes and concentrate more on her clitoris as she gets more aroused.

Once both of you can’t take it anymore, penetrate her and start making love.

Additional Stimulation

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  • Slicker, long-lasting glide: Use a silicone-based personal lubricant for very smooth, slippery “paint strokes” without ever needing to be re-applied.
  • Even more clitoral stimulation: Instead of using normal lube, use a lubricated enhancer to add a tingling sensation to your “paint strokes”.

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  1. My wife and I tried this on each other with mixed results. In the end we decided it was not something we enjoyed as the stimulation just was enough.


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