Pause and Rub Manual Stimulation Technique

Pause and Rub Manual Stimulation Technique
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The Pause and Rub Manual Stimulation Technique gives you the full feeling of being penetrated while enjoying manual clitoral stimulation from your husband. This is also an excellent technique for cooling your husband down during intercourse and ramping up stimulation for you.

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Performing the Pause and Rub Manual Stimulation Technique

The Pause and Rub Technique is really simple. All you do is get into a position where your husband can penetrate you and have easy access to manually stimulate your clitoris using your favorite techniques. This technique will give you the full feeling of being penetrated by your husband while he stimulates you. Pause and Rub is also a great technique for letting your husband cool down during intercourse while he keeps stimulating you towards orgasm.

Here are a few techniques from CFSPs that work well for the Pause and Rub Technique:

Additional Stimulation

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  • Clitoral Stimulation: Apply a drop or two of tingling gel to your wife’s clitoris while manually stimulating her to add a tingling, warming, or cooling sensation. If she needs a lot of stimulation, try using a small vibrator or focused clitoral stimulator to stimulate her clitoris.
  • Nipple & Breast Stimulation: Place a pair of nipple suckers/vibrators on your wife’s breasts to add more stimulation and help release oxytocin hormones that make her feel a sense of bonding and brings on her orgasm.

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