Reverse Come-Hither Manual Stimulation Technique

Reverse Come-Hither Manual Stimulation Technique
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The Reverse Come-Hither Manual Stimulation Technique uses your knuckles to stimulate her g-spot instead of the pads of your fingers. This technique is excellent for g-spot stimulation during manual foreplay.

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Getting Into Position

The position of your wife is essential during this technique because it involves lots of wrist bending. If you don’t have the proper clearance, your wrist will get tired quickly. Here are a few positions to place your wife in during this technique.

  • Sofa, Chair or Edge of the Bed: Lay your wife down with her butt at the edge of the bed, sofa, or chair. Lift her legs up so that they are open with her knees near her chest. Kneel down or sit on a pillow next to the edge of the furniture.
  • In Bed: Lay your wife down on her back, and place a sex pillow or folded, firm pillow under her butt to lift it. Lift her legs so they are open and her knees are near her chest.

Performing the Come-Hither Manual Stimulation Technique

  1. Generously apply lube to your fingers and your wife’s vulva.
  2. Bend your fingers to make the letter C. This is the form you’re going to use during this technique.
  3. To start, place the tips of two fingers on the entrance of your wife’s vagina and the palm of your hand over her anus.
  4. Insert two fingers into her vagina while your palm is facing down towards the bed. Make sure your hand is in the C shape.
  5. As your fingers enter your wife’s vagina, roll your wrist up so your knuckles rub firmly over her g-spot as they enter.
  6. As your fingers exit her vagina, roll your wrist down so your knuckles rub against her g-spot again as they exit.
  7. Repeat the rolling in and out motion. Start with light pressure on her g-spot and increase speed and pressure as you go.

So, instead of moving your hand and fingers in a straight in-and-out motion, roll your wrist up and down while your fingers are in the C shape. This is why your wife’s butt needs to be at the edge of something or lifted. It gives your wrist the clearance it requires for the rolling motion. This technique takes a little getting used to. Start slowly, and as you get the hang of it and she starts enjoying it more speed up and get into a rhythm.

Additional Stimulation

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  • Clitoral Stimulation: Add more stimulation to this technique by using your free hand or a vibrator or fucused clitoral stimulator to stimulate your wife’s clitoris while performing this technique with your other hand.
  • Nipple & Breast Stimulation: Place a pair of nipple suckers or pinchers on your wife’s breasts to stimulate them and promote oxytocin production which helps her orgasm.

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