Up & Down Manual Clitoral Stimulation Technique

Up & Down

The Up & Down Manual Clitoral Stimulation Technique is a simple technique using a finger for direct or indirect clitoral stimulation.

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Performing the The Up & Down Manual Clitoral Stimulation Technique

Both of you get into a comfortable position. We highly recommend the Entwine position. It’s a comfortable position that’s intimate and lets you feel connected while giving and receiving manual stimulation.

Start by using one finger and move it up and down on one side of her clitoris like the diagram below. Once she’s reached the point where she’s begging for more, rub your finger directly over her clitoris for much more stimulation. Experiment with the amount of pressure being applied while rubbing her clitoris to see what she enjoys more.

Up and Down Clitoral Manual Stimulation Technique

Pro tip: Apply a drop of clitoral stimulation gel to her clitoris to add a cooling, tingling effect to your manual stimulation.

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