Memorable First Thrust Intercourse Technique

Memorable First Thrust Intercourse Technique
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I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Many women, once aroused and full of anticipation for intercourse, consider the first thrust to be their favorite part of intercourse.

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Before you go for home plate, take the time to get her relaxed, aroused, and full of anticipation for sex, and then ask her how she wants the first thrust of the night. She might want it slow and deep, fast and hard, or slow and shallow. Once she shares her preference with you, respond accordingly and enjoy the sound of your wife’s moans of bliss as you make love to her.

So remember these steps for an incredible first thrust of intercourse:

  1. Make sure she’s relaxed.
  2. Build lots of anticipation for intercourse during foreplay using manual stimulation or cunnilingus.
  3. Ask her what type of first thrust she wants and respond accordingly.
  4. Enjoy her moans of bliss and make love to her.

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