Ridging Intercourse Technique

Ridging Intercourse Technique
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The Ridging intercourse technique is enjoyed while in the cowgirl sex position and provides lots of clitoral stimulation from the shaft of your husband’s penis before and during lovemaking.

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Start by laying your husband down on his back with his legs together. If he’s not erect, help him get there without using any lube or saliva. You don’t want the shaft of his penis to be too slippery. Once he’s erect, straddle his pelvis in the cowgirl sex position while his penis is laying flat against his stomach.

Cowgirl Sex Position

To begin, lower your vulva down and press it gently against your husband’s penis. Slowly rub your vulva back and forth over hubby’s shaft making sure your clitoris gets lots of stimulation. Think of the underside of your husband’s penis as a wonderful, soft ridge to grind your inner lips and clitoris on. Your husband will enjoy the sensation of your grinding because the underside of his penis is the most sensitive area.

Once you cannot possibly go without being penetrated anymore, allow your husband to penetrate you. Bonus points if you can take him in you while you’re on a downstroke without any help from him or your hands.

Once he’s inside you, slide down a few inches towards his feet so that his penis is starting to point down a little towards his feet while he’s inside you. Next, slide your pelvis down and roll your hips out, so that as his penis exits your vagina the shaft slides over your clitoris. His penis will point at his toes and bend a lot, but shouldn’t be hurting him. Once he’s about to exit your vagina completely, roll your pelvis back and slide forward a little to take him back in. Repeat this in and out motion until you both explode in extasy!

Additional Stimulation

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  • Nipple & Breast Stimulation: Wear a pair of nipple suckers or pinchers while making love to your husband. The gentle pinch or suction adds additional breast stimulation that releases oxytocin to help you orgasm.

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